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We've got a lot of work to do in God's kingdom on earth, and there's something for everyone to do! Here are just a few ways to get involved:

Health and Wellness Ministry

Our Health and Wellness Ministry is one of the most viable parts of Dream to Destiny. This ministry is committed to assuring that every person is equipped to be in optimal health. From our wellness walks to health and wellness seminars to screenings, we remain on the cutting edge. 

Click the images to see this ministry in action.

Marriage Ministry

We believe God honors the institution of marriage. We also believe it was created to be a union between one man and one woman. Marriage is a beautiful thing, and its beauty extends far beyond the wedding day. When marriages are healthy, families are healthy. And when families are healthy, communities are stronger. And when the community is stronger, the world can become better. Thus, this ministry aims to help strengthen families by beginning with the first institution ordained and created by God.


Worship and the Arts are key for the vibrancy of any spirit-filled ministry. This is the ministry for music, liturgical dance, spoken word and drama. And, because they are closely intertwined, Worship and The Arts is also the ministry for sound, media, social media, audio/visual and the website. 

Our Youth Ministry aims to help prepare our children and youth to live victorious lives with a solid foundation in the Word of God. By exposing them to resources and opportunities to develop into their full potential, we are convinced that they will be equipped to be their absolute best. We know that it takes a village to raise a child, and our leaders are committed to doing just that


Additional Areas to Grow & Serve

Lay Ministry: Ministers,  Elders, Intercessory Prayer Warriors

Administration: Administrative assistance to Pastor, Finance, Trustees and Board of Deacons

Athletics Ministry

Business and Entrepreneurship


Christian Education: Bible Study, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School,            Easter, Christmas, Black History, Children’s Church, Youth and Young Adults, other Special Events

Community Engagement: Voters' Rights/Voter Education, Fair Housing,

Human/Sex Trafficking

Life Coping: Counsel (grief/bereave- ment, drug and alcohol rehabilitation), life after prison, parenting (teen and/or single, parenting in general.)

Media Ministry: Sound, audio/visual, website, social media, media (news outlets), publications.

Mentoring:  Intergenerational (seasoned mothers to younger women; seasoned men to younger men) and peer to peer (youth to youth; adult to adult)

Men's Ministry: Fellowship of men to support each other.


Ministry of Helps: Hospitality (ushers, greeters), Security, Transportation,            Beautification, Pastoral Care

Outreach and Evangelism: Prison Ministry, Clothes, Nursing Homes, Senior Citizens Centers, Food Pantry/Donations

Professional Development: Career support/development (includes Toastmasters group, GED/literacy

Singles' Ministry: Single, divorced, widowed.

Women's Ministry: Fellowship of women to support each other.

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